The Mobile App In Nepal designed with and for Migrant Workers.

The application that helps migrant workers make better decisions through calculating costs and foreign employment income, expenses and savings.

Financial Calculator is available on App Store, Play Store and in Web Version.


About us

Introduction of Prabasi Ko Saath Prabasi Ko Saath means With the Migrant in Nepali  

The major objective of Prabasi Ko Saath is to help the migrant workers make better decisions about foreign employment.

We seek to do this through two ways:

By helping workers calculate costs

By disseminating information about safe migration for workers employment in Malaysia and Gulf countries in different stages : pre employment , pre departure and while abroad


Initial stage of the foreign employment.


Preparation stage for foreign employment.

While Abroad

Working stage in destination country.

Features of the Application

Financial calculator

App designed in calculator format for the financial analysis

Provides information

Information on foreign employment process

Uses Nepali & English language

Simple use of Nepali & English language

Financial Analysis

Comparative cost benefit analysis of pre-departure & while abroad situations

Long term usage

Long term usage for the potential and returnee migrants as well as the workers in abroad

Simple to operate

User friendly interface and easy to use

how it works



Benefits of Prabasi Ko Saath application  
  • Self-guide for potential migrants and acts as a financial tool for migrants
  • Facilitates the comparison of the financial status pre and post-employment
  • Documents the financial viability of the migration process
  • Knowledge about the income, expenses and saving trend
  • Orients the people about financial management
  • Enriches migrant about the processes of foreign employment and simplifies the application process
  • Gives different country-wise information within the same application
  • Provides in-depth details about the relevant institutions and their contacts (Manpower, Medical, Skill development,Pre Orientation Training Center)
  • Reduces the risks associated with foreign employment and promotes safe migration
  • Use of simplified Nepali and English Language

Plan Your Foreign Employment Process Through Prabasi ko Saath.

Prabasi ko Saath


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