The Mobile App In Nepal designed with and for Migrant Workers.

The application that helps migrant workers make better decisions through calculating costs and foreign employment income, expenses and savings.

Financial Calculator is available on App Store, Play Store and in Web Version.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Prabasi Ko Saath is the Mobile App designed with and for Migrant Workers. This application helps migrant workers make better decisions by calculating costs and foreign employment income, expenses and savings.

The major objective of the mobile application- 'Prabasi Ko Saath' is to disseminate information regarding cost-benefit analysis, safe-migration process for foreign employment workers working in the Gulf and Middle East countries at different stages of pre-employment, pre-departure, while abroad and after return from the foreign employment.

Go to Google Play store for Android and App Store for Apple users, search for 'Prabasi Ko Saath' and install the app or to through computer for web version.

Anyone can use the mobile application, but specially potential and returnee migrants will be the real beneficiaries.

Prabasi Ko Saath mobile application works on both ios and Android platforms.

No, the app is free of cost. You do not have to pay any cost.

You do not necessarily need to have an e-mail ID. But it would be beneficial to have an e-mail ID for data backup.

Yes, you need wifi/internet connection for downloading the app first and only for syncing the currency conversion rate. Beside this, it is a completely offline mobile application.

Yes, once your device gets connected to wifi/internet connection while the app is in use, the currency sync automatically gets updated according to the current rates.

24 May 2017

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait and Malaysia

World Education Kalopul, Kathmandu, Nepal

AMNIL Technology Pvt. Ltd Manbhawan, Lalitpur

Humanity United, United States of America

World Education, Prabasi Ko Saath Project, Kalopul, Kathmandu, Nepal

Interacting with more than hundreds migrants all over Nepal.

Mainly there are three segments: pre-employment, pre-departure and while abroad. Side menu is also implemented on all the segments in which additional significant information are given.

1. Pre Employment Calculator: Passport, Skill Development, Manpower Companies, Agreement, Visa Request, Air Plane Ticket, Loan, Health Check Up, Orientation Center, Insurance, Welfare Fund and Labor Permit
2. Pre Departure Checklist: County wise general information about the destination country. Check list of the required documents before departure.
3. While Abroad: Record Income, Remittance and Savings. Keep history of the records.
4. Side Menu: Recruitment agencies, Medical institutions, Orientation Centers, Skill development centers, Insurance companies, Black listed recruitment agencies, Embassies, Do's and don'ts, Online banking lists with other additional significant information's.

The entered data in the pre-employment section is carried to while abroad. This data can be analysed in the while abroad segment, by entering the expenses and income in the blank field.

This section indicates bulk amount paid to the recruitment agent or recruitment agency for the processing. The processes covered by the amount paid, must be checked in this section.

Yes, the details that are stored in the app are safe and secure as the data is stored locally in the device and when connected to internet the data gets synced with the server that has a reliable security system.

You just need to go to the Save And Continue page from the side menu and type in your email where you want to send the backup and restore token email. An email with token/link for app and web version will be sent to the email. If you wish to continue in phone/desktop, separate link is provided.

If a user losses his/her smart phone, app has the feature to again restore the data, as all the user's data are in the server. But the user needs to go to save and continue section from the side menu and then an email with the save and continue link can be sent to the user. The links in the email can be used to restore the previous state of the application.

You can send the queries via app Queries in the side menu or through website Contact Us section.

Click the reset button in the top right section of the screen on each page. And the insert data again as per your interest.

The destination country of work can only be changed once Analysis is active in Pre-Employment section. For a user to conduct the Analysis, he/she must complete 10 out of 12 processes which excludes Loan and Skill Development.

The language can be changed from the side menu>>change language section.